13 02, 2019

Rats Reported At Retail Stores : Who’s Responsible

2019-04-24T21:24:10+02:00By |

This article shows that there is still a need for improved food safety in our retail stores. With 1 Environmental Health official allocated for every 30 000 people. (World average is 1 for 10 000 people). There is still the need for self regulation and support for 3rd party audits.

4 02, 2019

Enterprise Polony Back On The Shelves After SA’s Listeriosis Oubreak

2019-04-08T14:42:42+02:00By |

Enterprise has relaunched their polony products onto the shelves 1 year after the world’s largest Listeriosis outbreak in history. Enterprise polony was named the culprit for the cause of the outbreak in early 2018 by the Health Minister Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, yet the holding company Tiger Brands still maintain their innocence.