25 10, 2017

An Introduction to Escherichia coli (E.coli)

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E.coli (Escherichia coli), is a type of bacteria that lives in your intestines and those of animals (cattle and poultry). Most types of E.coli are harmless to us and are actually important for our internal gut flora. However, of concern to us are those strains of E.coli that are bad and dangerous to us. Meaning those that can cause diarrhoea if you eat contaminated food or drink “dirty” water.

25 10, 2017

Bacteria Defined

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Before we understand how bacteria affects your food we need to define what bacteria is, how it grows and exactly which bacteria is bad for [...]

30 06, 2017

What are Surface Swabs?

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What are Surface Swabs? The name ‘surface swab’ is slightly misleading to the layman because these are taken, not only from surfaces like food processing [...]

10 04, 2017

Hand Washing Techniques

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Hand Washing Techniques Personal hygiene is an integral part of preparing and serving safe food. Neatness, cleanliness and maintaining hygiene is expected in every food [...]