29 08, 2019

Microbiological Troubleshooting : What To Do With A Positive Result

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Firstly we need to determine the extent of the contamination. We do this by: Examining any existing microbiological results. Physically examine the foods Have they blown Is the product off Showing any signs of spoilage Test additional samples from the same batch to determine extent of problem. Is the contamination sporadic or has it affected the entire batch? Testing batches immediately before and after the affected batch. These would tell us if there is a trend that has developed or a ‘once off’ concern.

1 04, 2019

How We Test For Listeria monocytogenes

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Listeria is a bacterium that is found in soil and water with some individuals acting as carriers. Listeria monocytogenes is a species of Listeria that is a food-borne pathogen capable of surviving in the presence and absence of oxygen.  Its ability to grow at temperatures as low as 0 °C permits multiplication at typical refrigeration temperatures. This increases its ability to evade control in food.

30 06, 2017

What are Surface Swabs?

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What are Surface Swabs? The name ‘surface swab’ is slightly misleading to the layman because these are taken, not only from surfaces like food processing [...]