24 04, 2019

Can Salmonella Contaminate Pre-Cut Melon?

2019-10-10T11:32:34+02:00By |

How does Salmonella contaminate pre-cut melon? A recent outbreak in the US of Salmonella-contaminated pre-cut melon infected at least 93 people (reported). This was unfortunately not the first outbreak due to contaminated pre-cut melon with pathogenic bacteria. This prompts the question of how does Salmonella contaminate pre-cut fruits?

25 02, 2019

Research Shows Regular Hygiene Audits Improves Kitchen Hygiene & Reduces The Risks of Food Poisoning

2019-04-09T18:48:29+02:00By |

Research conducted by scientists in the UK in 2018 were able to show that the link between regular hygiene audits by qualified and well trained "inspectors" and improvement in kitchen hygiene is indeed real and effective in reducing the risk of food poisoning.