Corrective Action Report (follow up announcement)

We have now included (January 2017) the Corrective Action Report (C.A.R) into the audit requirements, under the Documentation section, and our team of auditors will be assessing whether the C.A.R has been actioned.

Below is a reminder from our previous newsletters:

The spreadsheet C.A.R. (included with all reports sent to you) is a concept designed around HACCP principles, where any concerns found in the hygiene survey report can be rapidly addressed and follow-up procedures implemented, in order to prove that action has been taken to correct the concerns.

In most kitchens, this is a process that is already a standard. We at FCS have taken the opportunity to minimise the additional administrative work for you, and have listed all the findings within the report in order of urgency, with the necessary information, in order to complete the report.

Corrective Steps

Below is a description of how to use the FCS corrective action report:

  1. Start by addressing the critical concerns first. These are the areas that are directly related to food poisoning and can have an immediate effect in your facility. The recommended time to address these is with 48 hours of receiving the preliminary report.
  2. The major non-conformances should be addressed once the critical concerns have been corrected, but can happen simultaneously. The recommended time to address these is within four days of receiving the preliminary report.
  3. The minor non-conformances should be actioned last, and should ideally be addressed within the next 30 days.
  4. Describe what action was taken to rectify the concern, in the column marked as “corrective action needed”.
  5. Decide who will be responsible for performing the required corrective action, and fill in the person’s name, in the “responsible person column”.
  6. Decide on the date by which the action will need to be addressed and fill in the date in the “completion date” column.
  7. Once all the necessary information has been filled in, print out the report, and make sure that the responsible person, or member of management, checks and signs it off, once the corrective action has been completed.
  8. The corrective action report, should then be filed for proof of completed actions.
  9. Note that some corrective actions need ongoing attention (like filling the hand soap dispenser).

walkthrough score sheet 3rd edition


This shows you it is vital to ensure that your food is safe from contamination, by having good hygiene systems.

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