COVID-19 Risk Assessment Audit

FCS COVID-19 Risk Assessment Audit

The FCS COVID-19 Risk Assessment Audit is developed based on the risk reduction strategies from the Department of Health, NICD, WHO and NIOH.  Requirements based on our own extensive experience in hygiene management and cross-contamination control forms the foundation of this audit.

The FCS COVID-19 Risk Assessment Audit will independently evaluate whether the COVID-19 risk reduction procedures that have been put in place are being followed. It will identify possible gaps and make recommendations on further measures that can be taken, thus becoming a key management tool in the control of the spread of the virus.

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Audit will cover the following risk reduction sections:

  • Cleaning and sanitising, focusing on frequent touch areas
  • Supply and use of hand washing and sanitising facilities
  • Supply, control and use of PPE
  • Social distancing
  • Cleaning and control of toilets
  • Staff screening
  • Procedures, policies and records about COVID-19 risk reduction

This audit, when performed by a qualified FCS auditor, will form a credible and independent reference point to the status of your internal risk management for the spread of COVID-19. The COVID-19 Risk Assessment Audit and Sanitation Verification Swabs will provide a valuable and credible reference tool to assist in improving your systems and to independently verify your commitment to and efficiency in controlling the spread of COVID-19 in your facility.

FCS Sanitation verification Swabs

Although Covid-19 viral swabs to test surfaces are becoming available, they are costly, and there are many questions surrounding their reliability. FCS has been performing surface swabs which detect bacteria for the last 40 years. Surfaces and hands which have been effectively cleaned and sanitised should have low levels of bacteria.

It stands that if all detectible microorganisms are eliminated using the correct chemicals and techniques, there is a high chance that viruses would have been eliminated too. This would, in turn, prescribe that virus spread, and elimination is under control.

FCS can swab high contact surfaces such as toilets, taps, door handles, biometric readers, counters, point of sale areas, credit card keypads, telephones, railings etc. and test them for bacterial numbers. This will scientifically prove AND document that effective cleaning and sanitising has taken place.

COVID SOPs and Checklists: Business reopening and continued operations during Covid-19 lockdown levels

As businesses begin reopening and operating during the various levels of lockdown, there will be a requirement and obligation on these businesses to prove that there is a system in place to manage the risk of spreading COVID-19. We have put together post lockdown opening procedures and checklists to help businesses open safely.

Once your business is open, we have developed comprehensive, continued operating procedures and checklists for all business types. This is to ensure the safe operation of your business for your staff, clients and any other stakeholders. All procedures and checklists are available for free download here.

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