Enterprise has relaunched their polony products onto the shelves 1 year after the world’s largest Listeriosis outbreak in history. Enterprise polony was named the culprit for the cause of the outbreak in early 2018 by the Health Minister Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, yet the holding company Tiger Brands still maintain their innocence.

In September 2018 Dr Motsoaledi announced that the Listeriosis outbreak has drawn to close. This, after the initial announcement of the outbreak on 5 December 2017 had resulted in 1 060 confirmed laboratory cases and total death count of 216.

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The new packaging promises improve food safety

Each batch undergoes a 7 step quality check process according to a recent video released on Youtube.

What is the 7-step quality check?

  1. Improved raw material sourcing.
  2. Improved receiving procedures.
  3. Maintaining a clean and food safe factory.
  4. Hygiene and Food Safety training for all staff.
  5. Food safety and quality control.
  6. Proper dispatching protocols.
  7. A suitable recall policy and system.

These quality checks and food safety standards are good advise for all our clients. Start well from the beginning in order to avoid the disaster that Enterprise experienced in 2018.

Our Recommendations

FCS  will continue to offer our accurate testing method for listeria monocytogenes which has helped many of our clients resolve any potential risks. Our auditing team, will also continue help monitor these risks, including the potential risk for any other bacterial contamination or outbreak.

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