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FCS is passionate about going solar and getting greener, conserving our planet and reducing our carbon footprint. To this end we are very excited to announce that we have installed a 33kWp roof top solar panel plant.

The new solar capacity

This solar panel PV (photovoltaic) installation consists of 100 solar panels covering the roofs of the microbiology laboratory and the main building. Each solar panel can produce a maximum of 330W of electricity.

The Solar PV system

There is no battery installation yet, the electricity produced by the solar panels is fed directly into the laboratories and used during the day when the sun is shining and producing electricity. When the sun goes down, and no electricity is being generated by the system, it seamlessly begins to use electricity from the grid. The PV system supplies about 70 – 80% of our electricity needs during sunlight hours. It supplies 50% of our total electricity requirements over a 24hour period.

Our solar plan in the next 5 years

The PV system has the projected annual capacity to produce 55 000 kW hours of electricity, and this will prevent a massive 53 tons of carbon dioxide being pumped into our atmosphere!!

Over the next 5 years, we plan to add additional solar panels to the system, as well as battery capacity, in our journey to become self-sufficient in electricity production.

FCS has other sustainability projects surrounding our waste management:

  • All waste that can be recycled is recycled.
  • FCS engages with local micro-recyclers, who have first access to whatever waste they can recycle. This supports our local informal economy and ensures our waste is recycled, all in one.
  • FCS makes use an independent waste removal company to support local business and ensure that the remainder of our waste is correctly disposed of and recycled where possible.

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