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Hand sanitisers have become one of the basic requirements in the control of the spread of coronavirus. With such high demand, it creates opportunities for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of the need. We at FCS have implemented the hand sanitiser tests according to SANS 490 and SANS 5261 to scientifically determine how effective the sanitiser is, in killing germs.

The NICD and WHO recommend using alcohol-based hand sanitisers as a way to reduce the number of microbes on your hands. A number of companies have an online selection of hand sanitisers that promise reduce the spread of the Coronavirus by hampering the ability of the virus to multiply and by killing it.

Hand Sanitiser Tests

The hand sanitiser tests determine how effective the sanitiser is in killing bacteria. This is known as an efficacy test.  If you have any concerns regarding the safety and honesty in the claims of the hand sanitiser providers, get in touch with us. We will test these products on your behalf to provide you with peace of mind.

To find the right hand sanitiser, the most important factor is its alcohol content. However, how you apply your hand sanitiser product is also a factor in its effectiveness. Here’s what to look out for if you’re on the market for hand sanitiser.

An effective hand sanitiser has at least 60% alcohol

Although washing your hands with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds is the best way to protect yourself, sometimes hand sanitiser is needed in a pinch. According to the CDC website, an effective hand sanitizer has between 60% and 95% alcohol content.  But be wary of any hand sanitizers or sanitation products that say they contain an alternative disinfecting ingredient that’s just as effective as alcohol, like coconut oil, because that’s not the case, Business Insider previously reported.

How you dispense and apply your hand sanitiser is important too.

If your hands are greasy or if they’re visibly soiled, a hand sanitiser won’t be able to kill bacteria. Instead, you should wash your hands with warm and soapy water for 20 seconds. According to the CDC, people who play sports, garden outside, or handle food should always wash their hands after the activity rather than rely on hand sanitiser.

Get in contact with us to have your hand sanitiser tested today.

For testing requirements give our office a call on (011)315-5007. or email us at info@foodconsulting.co.za

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