Information on Physical Testing (Food Testing Laboratories)

The following physical testing can be performed:

  • Overall package appearance of final product
  • Mass (nett and drained) and volume determinations, diameter, width, length and height determinations
  • Unit counts, unit mass average
  • Overall product appearance
  • Vacuum (in canned foods)
  • Uniformity in size, shape and colour (e.g. In canned fruit or vegetables)
  • Viscosities
  • Set (for preserves/ jams)
  • Gelatin content (in jellies)
  • Solubility of products
  • Bulk density
  • Insect infestation
  • % Brokens
  • Strength of bags
  • Practical evaluations
  • Brix

Detergent Physical Testing

  • Aroma
  • Colour
  • Sediment content in bleaches
  • Consistency
  • Practical evaluations
  • Bulk density
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Strength of bags

Sensory Analysis

  • Taste, texture, colour and aroma evaluation against either leading brand comparisons or a comparison of your choice.

Non food/Miscellaneous testing

  • Dimensions (height, width, length, diameter)
  • Unit counts
  • Mass – g/m 2
  • Ply (on toilet paper and tissues)
  • Perforations

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