According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) data, some 2.4 billion people, one third of all people worldwide, get sick as a result of incorrectly washing their hands. This is especially crucial in the food and beverage as well as the healthcare industries.

Some companies have started utilising computer vision software integrated into its hardware to change the way individuals look at hand washing practices. SoapyCare is such a company, that uses AI to produce data and insights from washing your hands. They make and install internet-connected hand washing units and identify the individual standing in front of them.

How the new technology in hand washing works

Based on the individual’s identity and location, the hand washing device creates a hand washing sequence.

The screen confirms that the user is practicing proper hand washing and collects data on the performance. This information is sent to the company’s cloud based servers. SoapyCare can then detect when the individual is washing their hands correctly and often enough.

After washing, a summary can be sent straight to the user’s smartphone or device.

The customer’s management teams decide the consequences for individuals that do not conform to proper hand washing techniques. Other companies that are working to ensure people follow proper hand washing protocols are Surewash and Vizziatech.

This new technology in hand washing is working to make hygiene as simple and easy as possible and to create positive habits in employees. Creating safe and healthy environments for everyone. This technology has not yet reached availability in South Africa yet, but we are looking forward to seeing it impacting the food and beverage industry.

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