Proof Of Food Safety Training

Required Proof of Food Safety Training

R638 Regulations require that each person involved in the handling of foods, must be trained in how to do so in a food safe manner. This means that each person must receive training on food safety.

The FCS Hygiene Audit  requires that proof of food safety training be provided for evaluation. This proof can be provided in the following ways:

  1. A cover letter stating what training was given, with some details on the topic.
  2. A signed attendance register indicating that the trainer and trainee both understood the training given and know how the implement the training given.
  3. Or a certificate of the training issued.
  4. Copies of these need to be kept onsite for each person.
  5. Food Safety Training should take place for each new person working in the kitchen.
  6. At least annual refresher training (ideally 6 months).
Food Safety Training can take the form of  External certified training or Internal training. We would recommend that managers/chefs/owners at least undergo external training, so that they can implement the internal training of their staff.Training can take done in the form of onsite training, Youtube video demonstrations of procedures, DVD and Workbook training, book or textbook training, email or online courses etc.

The options are virtually endless in terms of the training available.

However, the importance of this training cannot be understated. In light of the importance, the FCS auditors will interview staff at random to determine their knowledge on the training they received. So, it is in your interest to ensure proper training was received.

We have provided templates that can be used to document the training undertaken. Check out the links provided below! You can download these templates for your own use.

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