Research conducted by scientists in the UK in 2018 were able to show that the link between regular hygiene audits by qualified and well trained “inspectors” and improvement in kitchen hygiene is indeed real and effective in reducing the risk of food poisoning.

The primary aim of this work was to determine whether there is a relationship between compliance with food hygiene law as reflected in premises’ food hygiene scores; objective measures of microbiological contamination of food samples taken from food business premises including restaurants, caterers and retailers; and outbreaks of food-borne illness.

Their analysis indicated that visual food hygiene inspections that are performed by trained inspectors measuring compliance with food law are useful at detecting illness-inducing microbiological contamination and can be an important tool in reducing food-borne illness outbreaks.

Some of the key findings included the human element in food safety and the need for additional studies, guidelines, and regulations regarding food handlers.

The Food Safety Culture

In other words how people behave with respect to food safety, the behaviour of workers, and the way the organisation operates – directly affect the risk of harm to consumers

Those behaviours include willingness to abide by food safety regulations, and may reflect lack of knowledge about transmission of microorganisms (Maunula et al., 2017). In particular, improper hand washing or improper use of gloves, dirty uniforms, and contaminated handles or knobs and spread microorganisms.

At FCS we provide our clients with this service for the very same reasons as the research has shown.

FCS has committed to regular ongoing calibration audits of our consulting team from the owners down to our newest team members. Our SANAS accreditation of our laboratory also ensures compliance to the strictest standards.

These ultimately help our clients in complying with legal requirements and ensuring that the risk of food poisoning is minimised.

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