Sanitise Fruits Vegetables
Raw vegetables carry a high-risk in a food production kitchen, and thus should be treated in a manner that recognises these risks. The best method in addressing the prevention of concerns, is to start from the process of delivery.

Upon delivery, one should ensure that all raw fruits and vegetables are of the quality that is required, removed from their packaging (this is often in the form of cardboard boxes).

The next step then is to wash and sanitise these products to ensure longevity and prevention of contamination from outside sources.

How to Sanitise Fruits & Vegetables:

Fruits & Vegetables should be soaked (much like the cutting boards) for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes in a food safe sanitiser (speak to your chemical supplier).

Rinsed in clean water and placed in a clean, sanitised container within a refrigeration unit that is no warmer than 7.0⁰C.

Food group segregation should apply as required, and remember that any prepared product (ie. Sliced vegetables and fruits) should be covered and date coded.

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