Hygiene audits / Technical Surveys

The FCS Hygiene Audit or Technical Survey is designed to evaluate the hygiene, sanitation, food safety and facilities in kitchens in the food service industry. The audits are performed for clients in the hotel, gaming, restaurant, and catering industries, and are tailor made to the unique needs of each client.

Microbiological Evaluation

A microbiological evaluation of surface swabs, hand swabs, food samples and water samples forms part of the audit, and provides scientific evidence as to the food safety, hygiene and sanitation standards in the kitchen. The FCS Hygiene Audit ensures that a statistically representative number of microbiological samples are evaluated to be able to provide a meaningful microbiological index for the surface swabs, hand swabs, food samples and a composite microbiological index.

The microbiological indices are presented on a graph and tracked over the previous three audits to provide a trend over time.

Risk Based Reporting

The actual Hygiene Audit standards are based on SANS 10049 and R962 standards, as well as FCS’s 30+ years of experience conducting hygiene audits. The FCS Hygiene Audit is a risk based audit, and is designed to evaluate the risks in the kitchen in the following areas:

  • Visual Cleanliness
  • Cleaning Procedures
  • Food Safety Practices
  • Documentation related to Food Safety and Hygiene
  • Facilities and maintenance

The above areas each receive an index which is represented as a percentage and presented on a graph and tracked over the previous three audits to provide a trend over time.

Separate Facilities and Maintenance Report

The FCS Hygiene Audit is one of the few audits which provide a completely separate facilities report, which evaluates the actual kitchen facilities and maintenance, and the impact thereof on the food safety risk.

Unique Web Based Audit Application

FCS have, in conjunction with an IT partner, developed a Hygiene Audit Application, which is driven on a web based back end. The entire audit is conducted on a tablet, and as such, the audit report (excluding the microbiological results), is available immediately after the audit.

All non-conformances detected during the audit are ranked according to their impact on food safety – either critical, major or minor. Each are colour coded on a non conformance summary, which can be used as an action plan for corrective action.

The audits also have the ability to have photographs taken and embedded in the report. Photographs of non conformances are taken to add value and visual evidence to the report.

FCS Auditors – Trained Graduate Professionals

All of FCS auditors are qualified graduate professionals, with a recognised tertiary qualification in microbiology, food science or food technology.

FCS Auditors undergo constant training and evaluation to ensure an accurate audit is conducted. All auditors partake in a tri-annual calibration audit to ensure consistency across all auditors.

The New R638 Regulation for a Food Premises

Please click below to download the New R638 standard of 2018.

R638 of 2018

Example of a FCS Hygiene Audit Report

Please click below to download an example of a FCS Hygiene Audit Report.



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