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About FCS

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Food Consulting Services (FCS) is a private South African owned Food Testing Laboratory and Food Safety Consultancy formed in 1977.

The microbiology food testing lab in South Africa specialises in the testing of food across the following areas:

  • Microbiology (SANAS Accredited Laboratory to ISO/ IEC 17025)

  • Chemistry

  • Physical

  • Sensory


Become an FCS Food Safety Partner!

FCS has built a strong Food Safety partnership with many of Southern Africa’s largest and most blue chip Food Retailers, Food Manufacturers, Hotels, Restaurants and Food Service Companies.

To find out how you too could benefit from FCS’s excellent service and pricing structure, contact us now, and let us become your Food Safety partners!

Vision: Quality Assurance for all Food Consumed by the Public

Mission Statement: Provide food quality and food safety assurance to the Food Manufacturing, Hospitality and Retail industries by conducting Hygiene Survey Risk Assessments and Independent Third Party Laboratory Testing services, and in so doing, improve food quality and safety to the end consumer.

2021 marked 20 years of SANAS accreditation, trusted microbiological results, and exceptional service!

We first received our SANAS ISO/IEC 17025 lab accreditation on the 1st of August 2001, which means this year that we celebrate 20 years of laboratory accreditation! We were one of the first microbiology labs in South Africa to receive our accreditation.

FOOD CONSULTING SERVICES 20 year sanas certificate
Food Testing Laboratory

Food Testing Laboratory

Our microbiology food testing lab in South Africa boasts 32 SANAS accredited methods in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and employs the services of qualified scientists and technicians. We conduct a full range of Microbiological analyses for both human and animal consumption.

Food Testing Laboratory

Kitchen Hygiene Audits

The FCS Hygiene Audit is designed to evaluate the hygiene, sanitation, food safety and facilities in kitchens in the food service industry. The audits are performed for clients in the hotel, gaming, restaurant, retail and catering industries, and are tailor made to the unique needs of each client.

Food Testing Laboratory

Legionella Testing & Risk Audits

Legionnaires disease is a form of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria, which kills about 13% of those infected. The disease is caught by breathing in aerosols (which are formed from fine water droplets) containing the Legionella bacteria.

Food Testing Laboratory chemistry

Chemistry Testing

We have a fully equipped chemistry laboratory able to handle a wide variety of basic food and cosmetic tests. Some of our most popular tests include food chemistry such as Nutritional values, and Brix. We also have a variety of detergent tests

Food Testing Laboratory

Product Physical Testing

We perform a variety of physical test of products in our food testing lab in South Africa. These include detergent physical tests, sensory analysis, non-food tests, and a variety of test for packaging.

Food Testing Laboratory

Sensory Evaluations

Sensory evaluation is an invaluable tool to Quality Control as well as Research and Development. Customers perceive product quality with their senses, and as a result, organoleptic evaluations are an essential component of any Quality Control evaluations.


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Hygiene Audits

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food testing laboratory food safety news

Food Safety@Home

In order to achieve food safety, one must know where they are in the link. This can only be done through monitoring and measurement in our food testing lab in South Africa” – SHANE RIMMELL (DIRECTOR)