Revisiting Food Consulting Services: The Unbeatable Love for Food Safety and Business Innovation

When you dig into the world of food industry consulting, you find tales of grit, love for the job, and flat-out passion. And then there’s Food Consulting Services (FCS), the company that’s not just a chapter but an entire volume. So, buckle up, let’s take a ride through FCS’s inspiring history.

From Humble Roots (1977-1980s)

It all started back in ’77, when Tim and Heather Thompson rolled up their sleeves and set up shop—right in their own home. The laboratory? Imagine this: It was first in a revamped laundry room. Talk about making the most of what you’ve got.

Eyeing Bigger Things (1980s-1990s)

Come the 80s, FCS moved into a rented space in Benmore Sandton. But Tim, Heather, and the team had bigger plans. They eventually settled into their own space at 55 Lourens St, Halfway House in Midrand. Picture this: a once cosy residence turned into buzzing labs and offices.

Fresh Minds, Fresh Goals (1990s-2000s)

The 90s ushered in new blood—Grant Lawrence and Shane Rimmell. Fresh from varsity, these lads were all zest and big ideas. They joined FCS and kicked things up a notch, taking the company to new heights in the late 90s and early 2000s.

On the Cutting Edge (2000s)

FCS had always been a trailblazer. So, when ISO standards became the talk of the town, they jumped on board. They scored their ISO lab accreditation in 2001, one of the first in South Africa to do so, keeping up with the highest international benchmarks.

Growth Spurts (Mid-2000s)

The mid-2000s were pivotal. FCS didn’t just settle; they expanded. They built a cutting-edge microbiology lab and ventured into various food testing avenues, from FMCG House brand Testing to Hygiene Audits.

Pushing Boundaries (2017-2019)

2017 saw FCS diving into Legionella testing, underlining their love for excellence. Fast forward to 2019, Grant and Shane bought out Tim and Heather Thompson, taking full control. Now, they’re shaping FCS’s next chapter.

Going the Extra Mile (2010s)

FCS widened its reach in the 2010s. They opened up in Cape Town and Durban, led by talented, dedicated teams. These regional hubs aren’t just branches; they’re heart and soul extensions of the FCS mission.

Here and Now (Present Day)

From a laundry room to a team of over 40 pros, FCS has come a long way. Their work now spans the whole of Southern Africa, continually pushing the envelope in food safety and business innovation.

So here’s to FCS—a testament to commitment, skill, and an unquenchable passion for food safety that’s as good as gold. Cheers!