We have a fully equipped chemistry laboratory able to handle a wide variety of basic food and cosmetic tests. We are in the process of preparing this laboratory for Accreditation.

Food Chemistry

Moisture content
Titratable Acidity determination
Peroxide value determination
Free fatty acid determination (Oils)
Free fatty acid determination (Peanut butter)
Salt content evaluation
Oil content in mayonnaise (Nola method)
Oil content in mayonnaise (Werner Schmid method)
°Brix determination
Winterisation of oils
Mass and Volume determination
Gelatine content determination
Iodine in Iodised Salt

Detergent testing:

Measurement of pH
Water insolubles
Moisture and non-volatiles
Consistency and cloud point
Cationic detergent activity
Active detergent
Determination of total alkalinity
Phosphate content
Fatty matter content
Available chlorine
Sodium hydroxide content
Mass and volume determination
Chloride content
Specific gravity
Measurement of viscosity
Glycerol content
Bulk density

Proximate analysis:

Carbohydrates (calculation)
Energy (calorific value) calculation