FCS Room Audits for Hotels

The cleaning of the hotel room is often an area that is overlooked in terms of the spread of germs, and most recently, the concern regarding the spread of coronavirus. 

The cleaning of rooms is left to visual cleanliness, certainly an important part, however, we have found over the years that it is the cleaning procedure and often the use of the cleaning cloth(s) that presents the greatest risk to a guest staying in your rooms.

FCS offers a rooms audit that will help you monitor the general hygiene and cleaning of your rooms.

The audit assesses the following :

  • The cleanliness of the room and bathroom.
  • Cleaning procedures
  • The maintenance of the room.
  • Availability of amenities, linen, towels etc. according to your own standards.

In addition, surface swabs are taken, to further verify that the correct cleaning has taken place.  We have found that this offering is indeed particularly useful for the COVID-19 outbreak and we would highly recommend considering this service as having some of our clients.  Get in touch with us regarding this service.

Food Consulting Services is a private South African-owned Food Testing Laboratory, that tests water and food to ensure compliance with South African National Standards. If you’d like to learn more about Food Consulting Services, visit our website or feel free to enquire with us. We look forward to hearing from you and becoming your food safety partners. Get in touch with us for more information

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