Do you know for sure that your product is safe? Do you have proof?

“An effective quality assurance and due diligence system is what sets a production facility apart from its competitors.” Cal Snow, BSc: Food Sci.

For any factory, large or small, that produces high quality and safe food products and consumer goods, such as foodstuffs, animal foods, consumable ingredients, cosmetics, packaging and the like, it is imperative to have a product safety and quality systems in place to ensure the goods being produced are indeed fit for their intended consumption by the consumer.

Accredited Microbiological Testing For Factories

This system will form part of the overall quality system which in turn will reinforce the facility management’s commitment to their due diligence in ensuring safe and high-quality consumer goods are produced in their facility. One fundamental principle of upholding due diligence in a food product or consumer goods factory is having regular, independent and accredited microbiological safety verification, or testing, of the various important aspects involved in production.

Such aspects include:

  • High-risk production equipment
  • General production equipment and areas
  • Production staff members
  • Ingredients or raw materials
  • Water supply (often a fundamental ingredient)
  • Final products
  • Air quality, including compressed air
  • Critical environmental factors such as drains, air conditioners, cooling units and such (tested for concerns such as Listeria monocytogenes contamination)

We Provide Accredited Microbiological Testing For Factories

At FCS we provide an independent and credible service to the food and consumer goods factories whereby we assess your production facility and process flow in full detail relating to product risk. Working with your QC team, we compile a comprehensive and cost-effective testing schedule that will ensure the upkeep of your due diligence program and will provide the ever valuable peace-of-mind and track record that the products your facility produces do in fact meet your safety specifications, and the safety specifications your clients and customers expect of your products. A comprehensive testing schedule is critical to Food and Consumer Goods Factory Due Diligence.

The Technical Consultants at FCS are able to sample all items themselves should you require, or we can arrange for the collection of samples you have already prepared and transport them to our accredited laboratory for testing. Our food microbiology laboratory is SANAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. We are accredited for 32 microbiological tests and offer pathogen testing, shelf-life tests and can assist with a number of nutritional values.

Contact us today so we can help you manage your Food and Consumer Goods Factory Due Diligence and Verification Testing. Let us help you get ahead of the pack!