FCS Food Retail Audits

Food retail audits are performed by supermarket chains who are an essential link in the food chain and are the primary source of food supply, direct to consumers. Food retailers have built strong brand reputations based on the safety and quality of foods provided by them.

These food retail audits help the supermarket chains monitor and maintain the highest possible food safety standards through evaluation of their food safety principles and practices that ensure safe food is produced and sold.

At FCS we provide a 3rd party service that performs microbiological sampling and testing of surface swabs, hand swabs, final products and water quality to ensure that the cleaning and food safety in the retail store is being taken seriously and is implemented correctly. These tests are performed in our own SANAS accredited food microbiology laboratory accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

In addition, our experienced hygiene consultants are able to assist you in complying with legal and best practice standards such as R638 legal requirements, SANS 10049 and GMP Pre-requisites. Using the FCS Hygiene audit for food retail stores we assess the cleanliness, cleaning procedures, food safety practices as well as the record-keeping system of the stores. We are also able to provide a facilities report for each department within the retail store.

The FCS food retail audits cover all departments:

Food Service Departments

  • Bakery
  • Butchery
  • Deli
  • Staff Canteen
  • Coffee Shops
  • Take-away stands

In-Store Departments

  • Receiving Department
  • Food Storage Areas (Fridges & Freezers)
  • Food Storage Areas (Dry Goods)
  • Staff & Guest Toilet Facilities

Microbiological Evaluation

  • Surface Swabs
  • Hand Swabs
  • Ready-to-eat Foods
  • Raw Foods
  • Supplier Product Testing
  • Water supply
  • Floor drains (Listeria monocytogenes)

Benefits of the FCS Food Retail Audits

The microbiological testing within the stores includes the all service areas as well as the ability to test general hygiene within the store that is extremely relevant during the coronavirus pandemic.

As a 3rd party auditing and laboratory firm and through the collective experience at FCS, our Food Retail Audits provide valuable feedback on where the non-conformances are and how to correct them. Our audits are customizable to each retail store’s unique needs. 

Our visual audit is performed on-site using our cloud-based technology, meaning we are able to provide immediate feedback on all areas of the food retail store. 

Our audits are focussed on exactly what is happening on the ground in terms of the cleanliness, cleaning procedures and food safety. These are the areas that have a direct impact on the safety of food. 

In addition, we assist our clients in building an honest and “reflective of conditions” checklist and record-keeping system. 

Our honest, consultative approach to our food retail audit means we help you maintain and improve your standards through rigorous auditing, professional advice and passionately wanting to improve food safety for all, as reflected in our mission statement: 

Provide food quality and food safety assurance to the Food Manufacturing, Hospitality and Retail industries by conducting Hygiene Survey Risk Assessments and Independent Third-Party Laboratory Testing services, and in so doing, improve food quality and safety to the end consumer.