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29 08, 2019

Microbiological Troubleshooting : What To Do With A Positive Result

2019-08-28T17:08:14+02:00By |

Firstly we need to determine the extent of the contamination. We do this by: Examining any existing microbiological results. Physically examine the foods Have they blown Is the product off Showing any signs of spoilage Test additional samples from the same batch to determine extent of problem. Is the contamination sporadic or has it affected the entire batch? Testing batches immediately before and after the affected batch. These would tell us if there is a trend that has developed or a ‘once off’ concern.

19 06, 2018

Should You Sanitise Fruits Vegetables Before Using In The Kitchen?

2019-05-15T08:49:20+02:00By |

Raw vegetables carry a high-risk in a food production kitchen, and thus should be treated in a manner that recognises these risks. The best method in addressing the prevention of concerns, is to start from the process of delivery. Upon delivery, one should ensure that all raw fruits and vegetables are of the quality that is required, removed from their packaging (this is often in the form of cardboard boxes).

30 06, 2017

What are Surface Swabs?

2017-07-07T07:14:50+02:00By |

What are Surface Swabs? The name ‘surface swab’ is slightly misleading to the layman because these are taken, not only from surfaces like food processing [...]

10 04, 2017

Hand Washing Techniques

2017-07-07T06:40:05+02:00By |

Hand Washing Techniques Personal hygiene is an integral part of preparing and serving safe food. Neatness, cleanliness and maintaining hygiene is expected in every food [...]