Navigating the food industry consulting landscape, our story at Food Consulting Services (FCS) is something special. Here’s a short history.

Our Humble Start (1977-1980s) In ’77, Tim and Heather Thompson started FCS from their home’s laundry room. A modest, yet determined beginning.

Finding Our Footing (1980s-1990s) Come the 80s, FCS moved into a rented space in Benmore Sandton. But Tim, Heather, and the team had bigger plans. They eventually settled into their own space at 55 Lourens St, Halfway House in Midrand where we are today.

New Blood, New Directions (1990s-2000s) Grant Lawrence and Shane Rimmell joined in the 90s, introducing new ideas and broadening our horizons.

Ahead of the Curve (2000s) ISO standards were emerging; we quickly secured our lab’s ISO accreditation by 2001, leading the charge in South Africa.

Growing and Adapting (Mid-2000s) This era marked expansion. A new microbiology lab was born, and our testing spectrum broadened.

Branching Out (2010s) The 2010s saw us planting flags in Cape Town and Durban, each a beacon of FCS’s values.

Innovating for Efficiency (2014) Come 2014, we embraced technology in a big way. We designed and launched our app – a game-changer. No more paper, upload photos on-the-go, instant report delivery, and a significant boost in accuracy & efficiency.

Going Green & Digital (2017-2019) This was a transformative phase. In 2017, we introduced a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), fully digitising our lab operations. With a focus on accuracy, efficiency, and quicker turnaround times, we significantly reduced paper use. Add to that our shift to solar energy, and we were inching closer to our green aspirations.

Today’s Reflection From a simple laundry room to a vast Southern African presence, our dedication to food safety and innovation remains unwavering.

To our past, present, and future at FCS, here’s to pushing boundaries and elevating food safety.