USDA Declares Salmonella an Adulterant in Certain Raw Chicken Products

In a significant move towards enhanced food safety, the USDA has officially declared Salmonella as an adulterant in raw, breaded, stuffed chicken products. Effective immediately, it is illegal to sell these products if they are contaminated with Salmonella. This decision is a pivotal step in ensuring safer food for consumers, requiring stringent measures to eliminate Salmonella from farm to retailer.

Key Points of the USDA’s Decision:

  • Salmonella as an Adulterant: Raw, breaded, stuffed chicken products must be free of Salmonella to be legally sold.
  • Enhanced Testing Requirements: There will be a need for rigorous Salmonella testing at all stages of the food chain.
  • Global Impact: This move prompts the question of whether other countries, including South Africa, will follow suit in adopting similar measures.

Ensuring Food Safety: The Role of FCS

To comply with this new regulation, stringent testing protocols are essential. FCS, an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory, is equipped with advanced VIDAS testing methods for Salmonella detection in food and swabs.

By partnering with FCS, food producers can ensure their products meet these new safety standards, effectively eliminating Salmonella from the food chain. FCS’s expertise and state-of-the-art testing capabilities make it a critical partner in this endeavour.

For more information on the USDA’s decision and its implications for food safety, read the full article here.