Financial Benefits of Hygiene Audits: Insights from Food Consulting Services

At Food Consulting Services (FCS), we specialise in performing hygiene audits on commercial kitchens. With extensive experience conducting thousands of audits each year and engaging with hundreds of clients, we’ve gathered valuable feedback highlighting the multiple benefits of our hygiene audits. While improving food safety is the primary goal, our clients have reported several additional advantages:

Reduced Food Costs

Our FCS Hygiene Audit helps clients implement better-controlled supplier choices, optimised receiving practices, and improved food storage and handling procedures. These measures significantly reduce food wastage, thereby lowering overall food costs and boosting profitability.

Lower Cleaning Chemical Costs

The FCS Hygiene Audit ensures the use of reputable, registered chemical suppliers and stipulates proper cleaning procedures. By using the correct chemicals at the right dilution, clients experience reduced chemical costs, leading to improved profitability.

Reduced Deep Frying Oil Costs

Implementing the deep frying oil control procedures outlined in the FCS Hygiene Audit extends the lifespan of frying oil. This not only reduces costs but also enhances the quality of deep-fried foods.

Enhanced Food Quality

By adhering to the food receiving, storage, and handling practices recommended in the FCS Hygiene Audit, clients see a marked improvement in food quality. This leads to higher guest satisfaction and, ultimately, increased turnover.


Our clients consistently report that implementing an FCS Food Safety system, along with regular FCS Hygiene Audits, leads to improved food safety, reduced food and cleaning costs, and enhanced food quality. These benefits collectively drive higher profits and ensure better overall performance in commercial kitchens. In fact, clients consistently passing FCS Hygiene Audits report that the audit more than pays for itself.

Choose Food Consulting Services for a comprehensive approach to food safety and operational excellence.

For more information on how your commercial kitchen can benefit from improved food safety, enhanced food quality, and reduced costs, visit our Hygiene Audits page today.